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We are experienced in implementing successful energy saving and lighting solutions in the following industries:

Cold Storage

Lighting solutions to retrofit cold storage rooms ensuring power savings from reduced electricity, power savings from reduced cooler expenses with LED and overall energy use optimization for cold and dry storage environments.
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Industrial luminaires for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, distribution centers, conveyor systems, parking lots, outdoor areas among others.
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Area Lighting

Energy efficient and uniform lighting solutions for large open areas such as parking lots, outdoor industrial areas, building perimeters, tennis courts, sporting facilities, walkways and others.
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Indoor luminaires for office spaces, hallways, classrooms, shopping centers, retail stores, hotels, hospitals, parking lots, outdoor areas and more.
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Lighting for large public areas. Traffic infrastructure hubs such as tunnels, underground stations, roads and airports, share the need for large scale efficient lighting.
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Hazardous Locations

Explosion-proof luminaires for areas where volatile products are stored or produced, such as oil, pipelines, petrochemical plants, paint factories, coal mines, among others.
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Heavy Equipment

Luminaires for heavy machinery such as cranes, forklifts, bulldozers excavators, graders, tractors, trenchers, snow plows, industrial marine vessels, aircrafts, commercial vehicle fleets
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Emergency, safety and fire hazard lighting solutions with autonomous battery capacity for power outages. Guidance, design and implementation of solutions to meet fire safety code and municipal safety inspections.
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Horticulture & Floriculture

Lighting solutions to enhance and supplement growth of multiple crops while reducing energy consumption with efficient LED fixtures.
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Case Study
Lighting Retrofit for cold storage facility

Generating real savings


reduction in energy 
consumption form lighting


savings per month
on their energy bill


tons of CO2
emissions avoided


fully grown trees
added to the
environment per year