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Our engineering team offers a case-by-case evaluation and holistic solution that fits acompany’s goal to reduce energy and operation/maintenance costs while providing aneconomically sound, environmentally friendly, and safe work environment.

IoT – ENERGY EFFICIENCY is a fundamental component in the sustainability of organizationstoday, thus introducing IoT and procedures in engineering processes is essential to meetstrategic goals ranging from the necessary cost reduction to more altruistic objectives such asthe reduction of CO2 emissions in order to mitigate the negative impact on the environment thatis affecting the climate of the planet.

A proper lighting design should provide the correct levels of illumination for each application, preserve the visual comfort for users in order for them to improve their performance while operating at a lower cost, optimize energy consumption, and ensure the quality of the products & warranties. Our work philosophy prioritizes the design criteria in specifying light systems that are optimized using available natural light.


Project Challenge:  Cold storage facility was using metal halide and fluorescent fixtures as their lighting technology and this was causing them excessive expenses in energy for lighting and cooling.

Project Challenge: New, high-end residential building wanted high performance fixtures that also had a high standard of aesthetic design for their exterior facade.

Project Challenge: Professional soccer matches could not be televised at night due to inadequate lighting levels.

Project Challenge: 18 tunnels connecting two major cities where consuming far more energy than needed due to outdated lighting technologies.


  • 2614 NW 72nd AVENUE MIAMI, FL 33122
  • +1 (305) 320 28 21