Lumen Commercial Group is an engineering company with a 30+ year successful track record in delivering high-performance, value maximizing lighting and energy efficiency solutions to industries and infrastructure projects in more than 15 countries across the Americas. We proudly have earned the trust and representation rights of top tier lighting and controls firms from around the globe based on the quality standards of our solutions. 

At LCG we design, implement and manage custom made energy efficient systems for your organization that will:


Generate the maximum amount of short term savings possible from electricity consumption

Meet or exceed all regulatory standards applicable

Reduce your cost of operations


Minimize any disruption of your daily operations by avoiding unnecessary structural modifications or overly complex solutions

Minimize the carbon footprint/environmental impact of your business


Luis Miguel Gonzalez, M.S.

Luis is the entrepreneur behind the creation of Lumen having founded the company in 1985. He brings to the table over three decades of experience in the lighting and energy efficiency solutions industry. Luis has organically built Lumen SAS internationally to become an industry leader based on a philosophy of non-negotiable high standards of quality, performance and service to the customer. Luis graduated both bachelor and master degrees in science from The University of Southern Louisiana.

Miguel Gonzalez, BASc

Miguel is a passionate industrial engineer who has inherited his father’s mission of impacting our society by enabling companies to be as energy/cost-efficient and environmentally responsible as possible. He is responsible for the technological development and integration of top performing solutions to the point that they become turn-key and of seamless operation for our customers. Miguel graduated from The University of Arkansas Engineering school.

Sebastian Martinez, BCom

Sebastian is a seasoned sales executive with a strong belief that environmental responsibility and maximum economic value can and must co-exist. He joined LCG after a decade of managing sales, business development efforts and operations in the solar PV development industry at an international scale. His role: to be the main liaison between our customers and our solutions, putting forth the most value adding options available to meet and exceed client needs. Sebastian graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto, majoring in Entrepreneurship and professional communications.

Natalia Guayara, B.A.

Purchasing & Logistics Lead
Natalia has more than 6 years of experience leading international logistics supply chain’s teams, in several industries such as textiles, machinery spare parts, health supplies, lighting fixtures and other goods. She holds a B.A degree in International Business Management by Luis Amigo Univeristy in Medellin, Colombia. Natalia's international exposure drove her to become the financial and operational manager in a trading Company during 3 years in Yiwu, PR China. During this time, she built up her skill-set, attaining major success in streamlining and improving logistics processes, importing and exporting goods in different markets around the world.

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